I wrote this poem when I was 12 or 13 years old. Actually, I haven’t written a poem since that time. Woopsie! 

This poem makes me cringe a bit, because it has a very “It was a dark and stormy night”-vibe to it, and all the rhymes in the third stanza are really miserable, but I still think it’s pretty good!

It was a horrible night,

The thunder was loud,

The lightning was bright,

Dark grey, were all the clouds

The crew was running around,

Gathering ropes, and tying knots

Praying the sea wouldn’t take their lives,

Panic was in everyone’s thoughts

The sea was roaring

The sea was raging

The waves were climbing

The sailor’s courage was aging

“Time for you to get out of the bath, Timmy!”

Called out mom, who was cooking dinner

So Timmy put down the boat, and got out of the bath

Thinking that next time, the sea would be the winner.


- Adam V. Dufour

4 thoughts on “Thunderstorm”

  1. My favorite line is: “The sailor’s courage was aging”. Also, the last stanza is such a cool plot twist!

  2. I really like the last line, it gives it such a feeling of anticipation and forward thinking, like a pleasant cliffhanger

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