The Ophelias

So The Ophelias are this random band I discovered a while back and I don’t know exactly why, something about their sound really struck a chord with me. (HA!) No but seriously, besides being an all chick band (see I am a feminist) their music is really cool because it resonates two very different emotions in me. More on that below. 

So this first song is called Fog and is the one that got me hooked. It’s just so bumpy and happy and it has all the good feels baked into it. I mean, how can you help but not swerve a little bit as you listen to the violin start you off, and then right as you’re about to fall the bass brings you back into the rhythm and finally when you think: “ok I’ve listened to enough bass”, the drums pick up and carry you all the way home. This song is literally one minute and forty seven seconds of foreplay to auditory ejaculation. And that’s all it takes!

Night Signs is more on the somber side FUR SURE. Actually, I really really like this specific live version, even with the hooting in the beginning. What makes it stand out so much is how the bass is the fundamental sound that carries you throughout the song. It’s simple, but catchy, yet also sad. And as you start honing in on the bass and start zoning out then you’re able to focus on the singing and what shes singing about. That’s when you realize how impactful this synergy becomes. Finally, there’s a line in this song that really resonates deeply with me because it illustrates a pure internal struggle. 

You mean nothing to me. I wish that I could really mean it.

The Ophelias

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