How to create a new post

Ok, so you want to add a post

So first things first you’ll need to be signed up for the website. If you’re not signed up click the button on the right to get started. 

After you sign up you’ll have to wait for Admin to give you Author credentials. Sorry buddy, but I’m not just gonna blindly let anyone post stuff..

Go to 

Once you’re in the posts section, click on “Add New”. Or if you feel like a real pro, you can also just click the “+ new” button at the top and choose “Post”. 

Pretty self explanatory I hope..

Make sure the new post falls under some categories. At the very least it should be under “Public Posts”. If not, the other widgets won’t be able to find it and no one will be able to read it 🙁 . 

This is optional, but you can add an image to spice things up a bit. The image you choose is also the one that appears on public snippets that show off your post.

Pro Tip: Checkout for good free stock photos. 

The excerpt is a little blurb about what your post contains. Definitely fill this out so people can get a sneak peak to figure out if they actually give a crap about your post.

Ok fam. So deeze settings are really important and if you don’t get them right your post will probably look like ass. So just copy em exactly. 

Ok so now we’ve got the DNA of post ready. Now we’re ready to move on to the actual appearance (finally).

Click on “Edit with Elementor”. Elementor is this cool tool that lets you build a page entirely with drag and drop goodness.

You should be seeing a clean canvas in front of you. The first thing we need to do now is to drop in the header template.

Click on the folder button.

Click on “My Templates”

Find the “Posts-Header” template and click “Insert”. 

After you click Insert you’ll get a popup. Just hit yes like you do with most popups in your life (or maybe you don’t, I mean I don’t know what kind of heathen you are).

Ok. Now go nuts! Elementor has a lot of built in doo-hickeys so just drag in something that looks neat and give it a shot. 

When you’re finished just click the green “Publish” button and everything will get pushed to the website. 

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