Creative Writing

Paul’s Rolling Pizza

Paul’s Rolling Pizza This is a short story I wrote maybe three or four years ago as a way to challenge to write more dialogue. It’s also got a lot of onomatopoeia in it, which is both fun to write and say out loud. I haven’t proof-read it at all, so just watch out. Anyways, …

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messy poem

messy poem whoever wrote this was terrible no dots no commas no capitals at the start not even some rhyming i do not find any sense in this poem with ink stains and scracthhes it even wrote a word wrong this student is getting an F for this without a doubt its quite horrible whats …

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Above all, I divide

Above all, I divide. Below all, the earth subsides. Roger's errant serve. To cross me you must have nerve. I am caused by accident, mistake, and mother nature's quake. I can be no one's, but I always have an owner. What am I?

To the Ephemeral

To the Ephemeral To the Ephemeral: To the cloud in the sky And the wind on your face To the gas in your tank The green of the leaves To your patience, and mine. To balance And order in the face of inevitable entropy. To the rain falling overhead The zero on your odometer And …

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Of principal, primary, a hidden force

When I am at home I do not exist, At my enemy's camp I am all that there is, The wind will use me as both path and source, Of principal, primary, a hidden force. (A primary, cardinal, hidden force.) No birds swim here, but I'll help you steer, Pilots, pirates, and iron alike. What am I?

Fingerprint Unique

On each of my arms is a fingerprint unique, With my family together all the heat we can keep, The force we can make will kill many men, And yet sadly, one breath will be my end. What am I?