The most Ikonic Ski Season yet

This season marked our first year on the Ikon pass after breaking away from the Empire of Lord Epic. Although we occasionally missed the Epic mountains, what we did not miss were the ridiculous wait lines and heinous traffic. WHERE MA COLORADO GONE?! But actually, this season was also quite memorable because the conditions were by far the best they’ve been compared to the last 5 years. Anyways, check out this little video recap of some of our winter time adventurus. 

Some of the memorable mini-trips

Breck Condo

As per usual, we usually spend a few days through Jolly’s timeshare up at Breck. But, what was unique this year is the MAD snow we got during the beginning of the season, which forced us to go around through Fairplay. But don’t worry, everyone was quite Safe thanks to our good ol friend Mr. Danksgiving. 

LB Visit

Our homegirl LB has been hard at work with her postbacc back in Texas, but she decided to come visit us for a few days of fresh pow.

Though it was a day of noobtastic fun, it is certainly one of the most important days of the season. Why? Because on that fateful day our very own Christoph Gray First of his Name sparked the fire that is Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson.


Our good ol friend Ry Zehner put us up in his cabin in Steamboat for another powderpacked weekend of awesomesauce. 

Besides the dope skiing, we got to enjoy some yuppy duppy Mozzo sticks, mob around a classic Gener-Al Sto, and see the extent of Chris’ Harry Potter trivia knowledge. 

Sadly, I barely had any footage of Ry 🙁 , but I guess that means we’ll just have to mob harder next season!


Though this may have not been an actual trip, it was hands down the best powder day of the year. After the mountains got blasted with 60 inches of freshness we woke up at the ass-crack of dawn, avoided an I-70 closure (haha Epic losers), and had a wondiferous day at Winter Park. 

We made some Safe friends on a chairlift, had some gnarly extreme sledding races, and enjoyed a lengthy stay at the ol Drop Inn.

Special thanks to Kevin’s pass… Although we would have loved to ski more with our fuzzy Kevbot, at least his pass didn’t catch dust.

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