Beginning of the season.

Scoop and sco around 285, head through the Fairest of plays, and past SouthLands Park

Ali Hakimi
The best way to enjoy Phila-la-Vida is to sip on that straight chlorine., eat donuts at Beiler's Bakery., re-live every scene from National Treasure.

Put your heart in nature and you will make it. 

Itzam Marin

So dis is a lil shindigerous video put together by none other than our very own Austin Ethnitrax Jolly. I’m sure he’d love to give his own spin on this fine masterpiece that he has built, but too bad so sad he’s busy with school and can’t comment at the moment. In the meanwhile though, we out here trynna get that green if ya know what I mean. Shut up Drew Brees.

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